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For computer repair service call now!                          925-405-5010

Fix it Fast PC Repair is a Concord, California-based computer repair and optimization company. We've been in business since the summer of 2009, providing the residents of Contra Costa County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area with expert computer repair service and IT support.
Whether it's data recovery, removing malware, or performing any number of other computer repair tasks, we have what it takes to keep a PC running smoothly. We'll get the work done quickly, generally with a response time under 24 hours, and we'll do so with friendly

Whether it's a broken screen, data recovery, removing viruses, or performing any number of other computer repair tasks, we have what it takes to keep your devices running properly.  We also provide configuration services for smartphones and tablets.  We'll get the repair work done quickly, generally with a turn around time around 24 hours, and we'll do so with friendly and dedicated service.  If you require on-site service our highly skilled technicians will arrive with the tools required to diagnose and fix the problem.  If it appears the problem will require a significant amount of time to resolve on-site we can take the PC back to the tech lab.  This reduces the cost to you by eliminating the need for our tech to wait for it to run time consuming disk scans.  The tech can then monitor and continue with your computer while continuing other tasks in parallel.

If you need help getting Google Drive, iCloud, Match, Backups, Mail, Outlook, and all the other features of your devices synchronizing properly you've come to the right place.  We provide support for Android, Apple iOS & MacOS, Blackberry, and Windows OS & Phone.  Imagine this:  You need to sync your Outlook calendar to your iPhone while also syncing to your iCloud contacts. You need to share your iTunes account with your family so you can share music and use Find iPhone to locate all your devices but you don't want to to mix up schedules and contacts with the rest of the family.  WE CAN HELP!  

We can also help you with data recovery, virus removal, software installation, Windows / Mac / Tablet / Smartphone training, and many other technology related tasks.  If you need help with something that we haven't listed, please don't hesitate to ask one of our technicians.

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